Group sessions

Group sessions can be themed according to a common objective or just to improve general wellbeing and learn techniques to manage stress and emotions.

Group sessions can be organised for:

– Sport teams to enhance performance and prepare for competitions.

– Primary and secondary schools pupils, students to prepare for tests, exams and     improve general wellbeing.

– Employees to improve team cohesion and manage stress at work.

–  People living with chronic pain.

– General public, able and disabled, elderly people, mothers…

Unlike the individual sessions where we approach an issue or challenge in a personalised and in-depth way,  practicing Sophrology within a group allows participants discover various techniques to improve their overall wellbeing and further their self-development.

Unlike psychological work, it is not group therapy and no personal problems are addressed within the group.

The format of a session is the same as in an individual session: Welcome to the group; presentation of the session, practice, then everyone is invited to express themselves freely at the end of the session as they wish. Although the techniques are the same for the whole group, they are experienced very differently by each individual.

Comfortable clothes should be worn and the practice is done in a sitting or a standing position.

(from 3 to 12 persons)
Typical duration – 1 hour


For more information and to organise ,
please call Valerie on 07713 953 602 or email